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Hoss was founded in 2016 by Uri and Nitai, but has since grown to include many other members whose valuable skill sets give Hoss the flexibility to create platforms and products beyond just machine learning. Expert backend developers, analytics wizards, and AI researchers help make Hoss solutions top of the line from start to finish!


A decorated alumnus of Israel's 8200 intelligence unit and former Staff Engineer at LinkedIn, Uri's expertise in deep learning is coupled with experience in getting models from the drawing board into production at a scale of 500M users. He also has a prestigious track record as a debater, winning the ESL title in the World Universities Debating Championship in 2009 and taking second place in the EFL grand finale. Uri has a B.Sc in Physics and Electrical Engineering cum laude and M.Sc in physics cum laude from Tel Aviv University.

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Nitai is data scientist with 11 years of experience in solving tough machine learning problems from all corners of the algorithmic landscape: computer vision, NLP, time series, big data, small data and everything in between. His experience is primarily focused on deep learning, with an eye towards delivering quick value and high quality code. Nitai has a B.Sc in Physics and Electrical Engineering magna cum laude from Tel Aviv University, and holds the rank of Master on the data science competition platform Kaggle.

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